#435 Mauser C96 Bolo Cutaway display Pistol

(Sold) This is a totally inert piece of metal that is one Half of an original Mauser C96 Bolo pistol (The Right-Hand Side). It has no parts that can be used for a Firearm. This is an original piece of German Military History. Precision cutaway to show the internal parts on one side as well as displaying how the original pistol looked on the other side. Shows mechanism in great detail. No licence needed. No liability whatsoever to own this Historical Artwork. $575

Please note… Will ship worldwide with tracking/proof of delivery only…. this can run $20-$80 depending on your location…. Thanks

Historical information about this model……….

M1921 “Bolo” Mauser

Mauser began manufacturing a compliant version of the C.96 for commercial sale from 1920-1921. It featured smaller grips, a shorter 3.9-inch [99mm] barrel, and was chambered for the standard 7.63x25mm Mauser. An experimental 8.15×25.2mm Mauser cartridge was used to replace the banned 9×19mm Parabellum and 9×25mm Mauser Export cartridges for domestic sales, but it never caught on.

Large-scale production of the weapon was from 1921-1930. It was sold in quantity to armies in the contested Baltic region and was carried by the Poles, Lithuanians, German Freikorps, and White Russians. The Bolshevik government (and later the new Red Army) of the embryonic Soviet Union purchased large numbers of this model in the 1920s or appropriated them from their defeated enemies. The distinctive pistol became associated with the Bolsheviks and was thus nicknamed the “Bolo”. The “Bolo” model was also popular elsewhere, as the shorter barrel and smaller overall size made the gun easier to conceal.

There was also a version that used the “Bolo” frame but with a longer (132mm) barrel.